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I thought that I had seen most of Himachal having been to all regulars like Shimla, Manali, Dalhousie, Dharamshala etc when somebody told me about the unexplored yet easily accessible part of South Himachal including the holy city of Renuka ji. Situated about 290 km from Delhi the place is named after Renuka wife of Rishi Jamadagni and mother of Parsurama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Renuka ji is one of the most beautiful lakes in Himachal Pradesh having crystal clear water. It is shaped like a sleeping woman. Renuka was killed by her own son, the legendary Parsu Ram, in obedience to the orders of his father-the sage Jamadagni and later brought back to life by the obedient son. After the deed was done, lake Renuka was formed surrounded by stepped fields of golden corn. Today the myth is brought to the fore when, each year in November, a fair is held to celebrate the immortality of Renuka and her son.

       We started early in the morning with a load of four adults and two children, both sexes having equal representation. The route from Delhi is via NH 1, which can be accessed from Outer Ring Road ahead of Rohini. The road was excellent and we were soon in the mood seeing vast expanse of green fields and inviting dhabas, fast leaving the city blues behind us. We reached Kurukshetra in about two hours and halted for some chai and pakoras from one of the innumerable dhabas that dot the highway. For Renuka you should turn from the national highway at Shahbad just before Ambala for Kala Amb, ask the locals for the better road available. Just 4 km beyond Kala Amb is Suketi, it has Fossil Park with displays of life size fiberglass model of pre-historic animals whose fossil, and skeletons were unearthed here. The road to the park was nonexistent at times and at others gave you a feeling of a dusty desert safari. The models and age-old fossils of various prehistoric animals will definitely interest school going children. From Suketi we reached Nahan a quiet Himachali town with an army cantonment in about 1-˝ hours. Another 45 mins and we reached our destination, taking just about 6hrs for the whole trip including one stoppage. We booked into Hotel Devicos at Dadahu, just two km from the lake. The cool air and beautiful surroundings of green mountains did our appetite no harm and we had a sumptuous lunch at he resort. The rooms were airy, clean and spacious and best of the resort was very quiet. 

 In the evening we ventured out to the lake crossing the bridge on the river Giri on the way, the river was quiet swelled up due to the heavy monsoons this year and we were told one can go for fishing at spots down hill after getting a license for it. The lake we found was huge and one can enjoy it by taking a boat ride, taking a walk along it’s periphery or offering ‘atta’(wheat flour) to fishes and turtles near the Renuka temple. We could see the fishes jump for their share as we offered the atta and the turtles craned their neck out to get it. Around the periphery of the lake open enclosures have been provided for various animals like neel gai, barking deer etc. but the cake is taken by 30 or so lions and lionesses kept in an open area which can be viewed from a very short distance.

  After offerings at the temple we came back and saw the Parsuram tal adjoining the Renuka lake as folk lore tells us that Parsuram wanted to spend rest of his life a the foot of  his mother. A fair is held every November to reunite the mother and son.


  Soon it was time to say good bye as we reached back at the hotel and checked out, but we were sure that we were taking with us the blessings of the Goddess. *RENUKA FESTIVAL IS BEING HELD FROM 3rd TO 10th NOVEMBER SEE BELOW TO KNOW MORE*

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