Pataudi is a small village In Haryana about 60 km from Delhi, the village was formed by a Rajput ruler Pata in Allaudin Khilji's time. Pataudi is known for the famous cricketers Pataudis Senior and Junior who played for India. Pataudi Jr. Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan married the famous actress Ms. Sharmila Tagore. The Pataudis have an ancestral house in their native village, the Pataudi Palace which is a reminder of the old Raj days and has a real royal splendour fragrance to it. The Palace at Pataudi is divided into two parts, the annexe, which incidentally was constructed first  and the main building which is more beautifully done and bigger in area too. The Palace is spread over area of 25 acres with large open green areas, well manicured lawns and a lovely garden over a large part of the estate. The Palace looks grand and pristine with it's white exterior, which according to it's caretaker is real hard to maintain due to dusty environment and rains.

     The Palace has been thrown open to the common man( we are thankful to the Pataudis for that) though one can only book it for a group. The Palace can serve as a venue for meetings of high executives including overnite stay in it's well appointed rooms or for a day conference. It's also good for a family gathering with it's peaceful and fresh environs. The whole atmosphere makes one feel a royal guest at this wonderful palace.


Pataudi palace Garden


Pataudi Palace Room Pataudi Palace


Contact for group queries (minimum 10 rooms) Seema 9891458220/ Anand 9811193634

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