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         Nainital & Around- Resorts & Hotels

   The hill state of Uttaranchal was carved out of Uttar Pradesh recently. It comprises of two two regions of Kumaon and Garhwal with Dehradun as the state capital. The state is blessed with lots of natural resources and splendour of scenic beauty. The new government is doing a lot to promote tourism and lots of tourist friendly measures are being taken to attract people from outside the state and  foreigners too. 

Nainital, one time contender for being the state capital the city has probably benefited by losing out , seeing the state of Dehradun after getting this status. Nainital is named after the Naini lake which means an eye, as folklore has it that the eye of sati Parvati fell here. The lake is also called lake of three sages after saints who meditated here to form it. The whole area was once called 'chakta', land of 60 lakes, though most of them have dried up now. 

General Info

Altitude : 1900m

Weather : Summer temperatures range between 10 & 25 degree C, while in winter they are 2-15 degrees. Rainy season- July, August.

Rainfall : All the year round, maximum in monsoons, July-August

How to reach

Distance : 320 km

Road The things just got better for the Nainital seeker with the opening of Moradabad and Hapur bypass.

Take the Ghaziabad bypass to leave Delhi  and cross the river Hindon before taking the Hapur bypass (unlees you want to buy the 'hapur ke papad' or the fancy towels in the town. One can stop at Gajraula for some sumptuous paranthas at this industrial town. Next when you see a lot of mooddah stalls on the highway you have reached       Garh  Mukteshwar. You can visit the Ganga ghat here for a dip or a boat ride. You have to no longer tread through crowded and narrow lanes of Moradadbad as you can pay just Rs.20  as toll to glide over the excellent dual carriageway of Moradabad bypass. After that reach Haldwani via Rampur and Rudarpur. The hilly road starts after Haldwani and then all the way to Nainital's Mall passing Kathgodam  on the way. TIP Another interesting route passing through the jungles of Kaladhungi is taking a left turn at the intersection that leads to Ramnagar and Corbett . Immediately after taking the turn take a right turn (otherwise you will reach Kashipur) to reach Kaladhungi via Doraha and Bazpur on a road that runs thru dense reserve forests and is almost completely to your own disposal. It's 30km of hilly drive from here via Khurptal and you reach at the opposite end of Nainital away from the Mall. This route is about 30km short but you will either have to go thru Moradabad to catch the intersection or backtrack from the end of the bypass (the better option).

Rail : One can take the train up to Kathgodam and then take a bus or a taxi to Naintal about 30km away.

What to see

Naini lake The lake is the heart and soul of the city with everything centring around it or in reference to it. The green colored water body has an ambience that strikes you as soon as you enter the city. You can enjoy the lake by having a boat ride either in self driven paddle boat or the one driven by the boat man. If you go with a boat man do enjoy his fables about the lake and the city itself. There is also a yachting club attached to the lake and a yachting  festival is held every year in October which is a treat to watch with burning torches on the lake. Walking along the lake in itself is a great experiences the flora and fauna of the lake, and if you get tired you can rest on the benches provided all along the way. At one end of the lake is the Naina Devi temple, dedicated to goddess  Naina. The devotees ask for grant of their wishes by tying a bell at the temple, so the place is studded with bells of all colors and sizes. 

The Mall The Mall runs adjacent to the lake for most part starting from Tallital,the lower end to Mallital, the higher one. One can buy all sort of things on the mall including woolens, handicrafts, variety of eatables including fresh fruits and vegetables at Mallital. The speciality of the place are decorative  wax candles which come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In peak season the mall is closed to vehicular traffic making it convenient for the tourists to stroll around and enjoy the surroundings. One can also take a horse ride on the mall and for exploring the adjoining areas.

The Ropeway Another attraction of the station is the ropeway that takes you to the Snow View point at the height of 2270m and affords views of snow capped mountains around Nainital including the Naina Devi peak. Other vantage points for snow views are Laria Kanta, China peak, Alma peak Camel's peak etc. Most can be reached on foot or horseback. The last motorable point is Land's End with Tiffin Top nearby, a beautiful picnic spot to spend a day.

Hanumangarh temple ,St. John's Church, the State Observatory, Sanjay Park, a botanical garden and Gufa Mhadev close to Sepoydhara are another places one can have a look at. Try the buransh sherbat made from a local red rhododendron flower, available at many place in and around Nainital. The one available at govt. outlets are hygienically prepared  and last much longer. The drink is said to be good for heat stroke, asthma, hypertension etc.

What to buy 

Wollens, which are reasonably priced. Local handicraft made of wood. The best thing of course are the decorative candles. Fresh strawberies and mulbery in season. TIP Try the  buransh sherbat made from a local red rhododendron flower, available at many places in and around Nainital. The one available at govt. outlets is hygienically prepared  and lasts much longer. The drink is said to be good for heat stroke, asthma, hypertension etc.

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